Blog post from Friday, 19 December, 2014

On this day, 19th December 1764, William Cox, the builder of the first road over the Blue Mountains was born.

Soon after the Crossing of the Blue Mountains in 1813 by Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson, William Cox was commissioned to build the road over the mountains, from Sydney to Bathurst, using convict labour. The original road was 3.7m wide, covered 161 km and incorporated twelve bridges. It was completed on 21 January 1815.

Cox was awarded 2,000 acres of land near Bathurst for his work which was commended by the Governor.

Following a prestigious military career in England, Cox had became Lieutenant in the New South Wales Corps in 1797. In this miniature, which is held at the State Library of New South Wales he is depicted in his uniform.Manuscripts relating to William Cox are also held at the State Library of New South Wales, including

William Cox - Journal, 18 July - 2 December 1814