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Blog post from Friday, 28 August, 2015

Too many books to carry?
How to do research without the heavy lifting.

No longer do I struggle with stacks of hefty tomes when doing my PhD research. Although I may miss the upper arm workout, with eResources I can easily read 1000s of journal articles online any time I please without the heavy lifting.

Online journals like JSTOR, ProQuest Social Science Journals and ProQuest Health & Medical Complete, accessible through the State Library of NSW eResources, not only help me to research my PhD thesis on happiness and bipolar disorder but as a librarian at the State Library of NSW. I love sharing this handy study hack to help other students.

For humanities students JSTOR is a very useful tool. It has many full-text articles on ancient and contemporary philosophies of happiness in this database which is my particular area of interest.

ProQuest Social Science Journalsand ProQuest Health & Medical Complete are also great eResources for social science and medical research.

ProQuest Social Science Journals has access to all kinds of articles from the sociology of bipolar disorder to in-depth medical research. I have also found ProQuest Health & Medical Complete helpful for finding information about bipolar disorder, brain chemistry and emotion.

As a student and as a librarian I find researching so much easier with eResources.

You can access JSTOR, ProQuest Social Science Journals, ProQuest Health & Medical Complete, and more from home with a State Library of NSW library card.