Blog post from Friday, 28 November, 2014

Book of Hours, Arras, 15th century

Rare books and special collections

A fine example of a Book of Hours held at the State Library of New South Wales

Text: Latin. Includes: calendar; gospel sequences; additional prayers; Hours of the Virgin; prayers to the Virgin; penitential psalms; litany; commendation of souls; Vigils of the Dead; commemorations in honour of saints. ;

Decoration: includes three decorated initials and full bar borders with corner clusters of acanthus.
Binding: Carved ivory covers. The front cover depicts the Virgin Mary in relief within a frame of ivy and thistle leaves which also encompasses three unidentified coats of arms. ‘Ave Maria’ is inscribed in the lower margin. The back cover shows the angel Gabriel playing a harp (not in relief) and scrolls with 'Regina Coeli Alleluya’.

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