Blog post from Friday, 4 April, 2014

Parish maps are a great source of information for family historians and those searching the history of an area.

Parishes are generally 15-25 square miles and exist within Counties of which there are 141 in New South Wales.

Parish maps are a tool for administering land and show portions of land, the original grantee and references to other plans created by the New South Wales Dept of Lands and can include old place names, boundaries, incomplete purchases and references to the NSW Government Gazette. Our extensive holdings of these official parish maps start in the 1880s.

New South Wales is divided into the Eastern, Central and Western divisions. There are over 7,400 parishes in the Eastern and Central divisions but none in the Western Division. Researchers would need to rely on County maps for this area.

The Parish map above shows the towns of Glenbrook and Emu (now Lenore) in the Lower Blue Mountains as well as surrounding areas.