Blog post from Friday, 5 September, 2014

This portrait of William Dampier (1651 - 1715) is from A Collection of Engraved Portraits (Contemporary) of the Founders of Australia, from 1777 to 1908, including a number of early charts, views, some being coloured by Ernest Favenc, published in Sydney in 1908.

Dampier was an English explorer who became the first person to circumnavigate the globe three times. He led several expeditions to Central America, South East Asia, and the Pacific.

On this day, 5 September, in 1699, Dampier’s expedition left the western shores of New Holland (Australia). Sailing north, the expedition planned to travel via Timor and New Guinea on their way to explore the eastern shores of New Holland, however they were forced to turn back within 100 miles of New Holland as their ship, the HMS Roebuck, was badly damaged.

The ship sank on their return voyage to England, leaving the crew marooned on Ascension Island for five weeks until they were rescued.