Blog post from Monday, 29 September, 2014

This week we commemorate two milestones over on Flickr Commons.

First, September 30 is our sixth birthday on the Commons – we’ve been uploading selected images from our photographic collections to Flickr Commons since 2008. Now, we have almost 2 500 images, arranged into 100 thematic albums.

Second, we’ve recently passed 20 million views of our images on Flickr Commons! That’s a lot!

Thank you to everyone who has viewed, used, commented on and enjoyed our photographs. We love them, and it looks like you do too!

To celebrate, we’ll be sharing six of our most popular images from the Commons in a six day countdown to our September 30 birthday.


Musical stars Madge Elliott and Cyril Ritchard’s wedding, St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney, 16 September 1935 / Sam Hood

This romantic photograph spectacularly records the society wedding of musical stars Madge Elliott and Cyril Ritchard.

The couple had been dancing together for ten years and finally married in 1935 when Madge was 39 and Cyril 38. Five thousand people gathered outside St Mary’s Cathedral to see them, and fifty police controlled the crowd. They continued to perform together, and embarked on a tour to entertain the troops during WWII.

Photographer Sam Hood managed to capture the moment a freak gust of wind lifted the bride’s dress and veil while the couple made their way down the steps outside the church.