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Blog post from Saturday, 1 March, 2014

Journal of Dr. Ludwig Leichhardt’s overland expedition to Port Essington in the years 1844-45, revised by the explorer, and published with his sanction, 1846 with Sketch of Australia shewing the route of Dr Leichhardt during his recent important journey from Morton Bay to Port Essington, 1846.

Leichhardt and his party covered nearly 5000 miles, discovering a number of major rivers including the Burdelin, Lynd and Mitchell. they lost valuable equipment at the Roper River, and tragically naturalist John Gilbert was killed by Aborigines.

Leichhardt is credited as one of the few Australian explorers to watch what the Indigenous people ate and copy them by living off the land. Read more about Leichhardt and follow the links through to his journal and fieldbook for this expedition.