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Blog post from Saturday, 4 April, 2015

On this day, 4th April 1911, Max Dupain, the renowned Australian modernist photographer was born.

Maxwell Spencer Dupain is regarded as one of Australia’s greatest photographers. He rose to fame as a contemporary photographer who was adept at taking photography to an artistic level, which was rare in Australia at that time. Dupain’s working life spans decades of commercial and artistic success, and photographic genres. His work includes landscapes, beaches, nudes, still life and architecture. He became the pre-eminent photographer of Australian architecture for more than 50 years.However, Dupain is best known for his photographs of Australians, particularly their beach culture. A dedicated patriot, he believed in clearly and simply showing Australia’s way of life. His 1937 photograph Sunbaker is arguably his most famous work. For many, it is an iconic image of what it means to be Australian.

The State Library of New South Wales holds a collection of photographs by Max Dupain.