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Blog post from Tuesday, 22 April, 2014




Just a handful of the nearly 700 watercolor illustrations from the margins of a very interesting set of the works of Shakespeare.

[Ranney collection f828 s527 1853]

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Can you guess who these Shakespearian characters are?

Answers: 1. Bottom the Weaver 2. Titania 3. Ghost of Hamlet’s Father 4. Ophelia 5. Lady Macbeth 6. Juliet 7. Juliet’s Nurse 8. Friar Laurence

Here is the 19th century Works of William Shakespeare hand illustrated in the margins throughout the 17 volumes. We looked at this a bit in our Live Stream today. You can view the “archived” copy of the video here:

We’ll be celebrating Shakespeare’s birthday with a viewing of our First Folio on 23 April in the Shakespeare Room of the Mitchell Library. If you’re in Sydney why not drop in?