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Blog post from Tuesday, 24 June, 2014


How much do you know about standard drinks?

Test your knowledge this week at your local NSW public library or online at the drug info @ your library website during Know Your Standards Week.

Why is knowing your standards so important?

According to the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE):

Having an awareness of what constitutes a standard drink is important for a range of health and social reasons. To know if you’re okay to drive, people need to understand how many standard drinks they’ve had. Also, to know if people are consuming alcohol at low risk levels and within the Alcohol Guidelines, people need to know how many standard drinks they’ve had.

What’s Know Your Standards Week?

Know Your Standards Week is a week of activities held in NSW public libraries to raise awareness about alcohol and standard drinks. It is coordinated by staff from Drug Info at the State Library of NSW.

Know Your Standards Week will be held in public libraries from 22-28 June 2014.