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Blog post from Tuesday, 25 November, 2014

The most complete popular & mercantile map of Melbourne, Victoria : giving most useful information as to the government, law courts & corporation buildings, the vacant grounds, the numbering of the houses from one corner of the street to another, the banks, insurances, auction rooms, markets, churches, chapels, schools, theatre, circus, concert halls and hotels

This map was published in 1853, soon after it’s creator Frederick Proeschel (1809-1870) had arrived in Melbourne from the United States. He lived there for 11 years and during that time was Victoria’s only commercial map publisher (Source: Australian Dictionary of Biography,, accessed 25 November 2014)

Maps tell the story in a unique way, of a given place at a particular time in history. The State Library of New South Wales holds many thousands of maps that shed light on the history of towns and localities across Australia.