Blog post from Tuesday, 4 March, 2014

The Great Pacific Ocean by John Bayly, c. 1772

Maps from Cook’s first voyage were first published in 1773, and the east coast of New South Wales was first shown on Dunn’s world map published in November 1772.

In February 1772 Banks commissioned from John Bayly an engraving of a section from Dalrymple’s 1770 chart ‘The Great Pacific Ocean’ given to Banks with Dalrymple’s 'An historical collection of the several voyages and discoveries in the South Pacific [?]. Retaining Dalrymple’s scale, design, and dimensions, the chart was the first one printed to show Cook’s discoveries in New Zealand and the east coast of New South Wales.

The chart was intended for Banks’ use on his next voyage of exploration with Cook. Eventually Banks withdrew, mounting an expedition to Iceland instead.

Fifty copies were printed on French paper, and fifty on thinner paper. Until recently, the sole known copy was the Library of British Museum’s, printed on lighter paper.

In March 2014, a third, privately-owned copy is set to be sold by Sotheby’s of London.