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Blog post from Wednesday, 12 March, 2014

Canberra, plan of city and environs by Walter Burley Griffin; drawn by Home and Territories Dept., Lands and Survey Branch, Melbourne, c. 1918.

Happy 101st birthday to the city of Canberra! At midday on March 12 1913, Canberra was officially named by the Governor-General’s wife, Lady Denman.

An international competition was held in 1911 to find a plan for the new capital. American architects (and husband and wife team) Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin won the competition and expanded their architectural practices to Melbourne and Sydney, as well as maintaining an office in Chicago.

Of the Canberra plan, Walter said: “I have planned a city that is not like any other in the world. I have planned it not in a way that I expected any government authorities in the world would accept. I have planned an ideal city – a city that meets my ideal of the city of the future.”