Blog post from Wednesday, 15 April, 2015


Driving and life advice

Great life advice delivered in the context of obeying road rules and driving safely. This video is by ACE Community Colleges who have managed an Aboriginal Driver Programme in Lismore and Casino since 2001 with considerable success rates.

The Aboriginal driving programme is a Funded programme available to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people who:

  • Need help with literacy and numeracy so they can succeed in the RTA Driver Knowledge test
  • Need help with State Debt Recovery Orders (SDRO) and Work Development Orders (WDO)
  • Hold a learners permit and require driving lessons
  • Need a license ready assessment and a lesson with the instructor prior to going for their license in one of our ACE college cars.
A driving licence gives more opportunities for Aboriginal people to gain employment and have the same opportunities as all Australians. ACE Community Colleges believe that our Aboriginal Driver Programme helps to address the inequality that exists in the larger community for Aboriginal people. We are committed to increasing the numbers of licenced drivers in remote communities and reduce the number of unlicenced Aboriginal drivers on the North Coast roads.

For information about NSW laws relating to Cars and driving, you can visit the Find Legal Answers website.