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Blog post from Wednesday, 15 October, 2014

Map of New South Wales, 1913, by NSW Dept. of Lands

“… localities of principal minerals from data supplied by E.F. Pittman, Government Geologist”

“… Important deposits of Antomony, Bismuth, Tungsten, & Molybdenum occur in many localities in addition to Gems of various kinds.”

Inset: Australia.

Includes a statistical table listing various agricultural, pastoral, rainfall and mining industries figures for New South Wales.

Shows locations of gold, copper, silver, tin, iron, coal and kerosene shale, rivers, railways, roads, towns, county names and boundaries.

Top right corner above the neat line: No. of Lith. 13. 315 D.

At foot of map below the neat line: Compiled, drawn and printed at the Department of Lands, Sydney N.S.W. 1913.

Stamp: With the compliments of the Government Statistician.