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Blog post from Wednesday, 26 February, 2014

Double hemisphere map from Epitome cosmografica : o Compendiosa introduttione all'astronomia, geografia, & idrografia, per l'uso, dilucidatione, e fabbrica delle sfere, globi, planisferj astrolabj, e tavole geografiche, e particolarmente degli stampati, e spiegati nelle publiche lettioni, 1693 by VINCENZO CORONELLI, 1650-1718.

Vincenzo Coronelli was a Franciscan priest, renowned mathematician and cartographer. Royal Cartographer to King Louis XIV in 1680, he was later appointed as the official Cosmographer to the Republic of Venice. He is considered to be one of the greatest map and globe makers of the 17th century. This map is from Epitome cosmografic, published in 1693 and dedicated to the Academy of the Argonauts, the first geographical society in the world, founded by Coronelli.