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Blog post from Wednesday, 29 October, 2014

On this day, 29th October 1880, the Australia’s most famous bushranger Ned Kelly was sentenced to hang.

He mostly ambushed wealthy landowners, and managed to keep his whereabouts from police, despite the high reward posted for his capture. However, he was betrayed to the police whilst holding dozens of people hostage in the Glenrowan Inn in June, 1880. Wearing their famous armour, the Kelly brothers held a shootout with police. The Kelly brothers were killed, but Ned was shot twenty-eight times in the legs but survived to stand trial, and was sentenced to death by hanging, by Judge Redmond Barry on 29 October 1880. Ned Kelly was hanged in Melbourne on 11 November 1880.

The State Library of New South Wales holds this copy of the poster advertising the reward for his capture.

Item 19: [Wanted poster, offering a reward for information leading to the capture of Ned Kelly], 13 December 1878