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Building your family tree

Once you have found your ancestors how do you store the information?

Remember ALWAYS write down where you found your information as you never know when you may need to go back to it and recheck.

There are many websites that offer free family history charts. They can be downloaded and then you can fill in the details of your own family. Here are some links to a 6 generation pedigree chart, Ancestors: charts and records and Ancestry - charts and forms.

The State Library of New South Wales also holds many books that outline how to store your information and how to write and publish your Family History. Here are a selection of titles:

Scrapbooking your Family History by Maureen Taylor. This shows you how to store documents that you have acquired and how to tell your story.

How to trace your family tree and not get stuck on a branch by Janet Reakes. This book has some tips on storing information.

Compiling your Family History by the Society of Australian Genealogists. There are some good chapters in this book suggesting how to draw up a family tree chart and organising your records.

How to publish your family story in 10 easy steps by Noeline Kyle. This book title is self explanatory and worth a read if you are thinking of writing a book about your family history.

These are just a few of the titles we hold in the Family History Service of the State Library of New South Wales. Come in and ask at the Family History desk and we will be able to help you further.