Carten dese landen Zin ontdeckt bij de compangie ontdeckers behaluen...

Carten dese landen Zin ontdeckt bij de compangie ontdeckers behaluen het norder deelt van noua guina ende het West Eynde van Java dit Warck aldus bij mallecanderen geuoecht ut verscheijden schriften als mede ut eijgen beuinding bij abel Jansen Tasman. Ano 1644 dat door order van de gouuerneur general Anthonio van diemens [cartographic material] : [Bonaparte Tasmanmap].

On this day, November 24, 1642 Dutch explorer Abel Tasman ‘discovers’ Tasmania, naming it Van Diemen’s Land. Working for the Dutch East India Company to find better trade routes to South America he landed on the island, then unknown to European seaman, on his way past the Great South Land.

The map title translated: “Map these lands were discovered by the Company’s explorers except for the northern part of New Guinea and the west end of Java. This work thus put together from different writings as well as from personal observation by Abel Jansen Tasman, A.D. 1644, by order of His Excellency the Governor-General Antonio van Diemen.”

The Library holds this ornate manuscript map on Japanese paper bought in 1891 by Prince Roland Bonaparte, and presented to the Mitchell Library by the Princess George of Greece in 1933.

Now thought to be neither by Tasman nor from 1644, this map is important for being the only first-hand record of Tasman’s route in 1644.

Includes inset with Mauritius, Java and Sumatra on scale ca. 1:21 568 600 showing the course of the Heemskerck and the Zeehaen in 1642 from Batavia to Mauritius and further south.

Scale [ca. 1:10 784 300] 1 ms. map : hand col. ; 73 x 95 cm. 100 German or geographical miles on the graphic scale measures 6.8 cm.; 15 German miles equals one degree of latitude. A zoomable version may be viewed here.