Catching up with our volunteers

Volunteers play an important role at the Library and their generous contribution makes a world of difference. They bring rich experiences, enthusiasm and knowledge, helping us gain new perspectives and forge links between local communities and our collection.

Our volunteers donate their time to help out with all kinds of tasks, such as: guided tours, community events, sorting collection material, transcribing manuscripts and administrative support. Each volunteer makes a unique and helpful contribution to the Library.

To celebrate this year's National Volunteer Week we caught up with some of our wonderful Library volunteers.


Library volunteer

Geeta Sapkota Lamsal
Library volunteer

Geeta is studying a diploma in Library and Information Services, so volunteering at the Library means she is able to learn new skills and build on her existing knowledge.

When asked why she volunteers her time at the Library, Geeta said:

"The environment of the State Library and the people who work here are so nice. I want to contribute some of my time to the community by learning and sharing ideas and information."

One of her favourite things to tell people about the Library is that it's the oldest in Australia.

Library volunteer

Darren Blumberg
Library volunteer

Darren works in administration at an aged care facility in Randwick during the week, but in his spare time he likes volunteering at the Library.

We asked Darren what has surprised him the most during his time here, he said:

"All the work I have been involved with has been very rewarding, especially transcribing our WWI diaries. At first I thought this work would be boring, but I found it extremely interesting and learnt a tremendous amount."

Darren always tells people to visit the Library if they're looking for a memorable experience.

Library volunteer

Denise Faithfull Domingo
Library Volunteer

Denise is one of our longtime volunteers who has been helping out for over five years!

One of her favourite gigs is hosting the Shakespeare Room because she gets to meet people from all over the world.

We asked Denise what she enjoys telling people about the Library, she said:

"I tell people lots of things... [but mostly] how lucky we are to have such a magic institution, so easily accessible to all."

Denise told us if she had to name one thing that she loves the most, it would be our "unbelievable" research collection.

Library volunteer

Jenny Clifford
Library Volunteer

Jenny's first impression of the Library was of a light, friendly and welcoming place. As a lover of books and reading her entire life, she thought it would be the perfect place to volunteer.

We asked Jenny what makes the Library so special, she said:

"I am continually surprised by the variety and range of materials that the Library has in its collection. It's not just books that the Library is preserving for us all."

She always reminds people to check out our wonderful displays and exhibitions that are full of "unusual and interesting" items.

Library volunteer

Rosie Block
Library volunteer

Rosie was a Library staff member for 30 years before she retired, but she still enjoys helping out as a volunteer. Coming to the Library "feels like coming home", she told us.

When we asked Rosie what it is about the Library that she holds so dear, she said:

"I love the place, the people, the changing exhibitions, contact with the staff, and that I'm always learning something new about Australian history."

One thing Rosie wants people to know is that it's always worth visiting the Library because it is interesting on every level.