Cooking for Copyright

Ag's Coconut Biscuits, Muddle Cake, Oyster Patties

On Monday, 31 July the Library celebrated the Bill amending the Copyright Act 1968 to simplify the use of copyright materials for libraries, educational institutions, archives and people with disabilities, which passed Federal Parliament on 15 June.

The Australian Library and Information Assocation's FAIR group had lobbied for these changes, running a campaign called Cooking for Copyright in July 2015. To highlight the difficulties of having a copyright law which meant that all unpublished manuscripts stayed in copyright in perpetuity, the group encouraged librarians to cook recipes from unpublished manuscripts and share the results. The FAIR campaign site contained a list of delicious unpublished manuscript recipes to try, many from the Library's own collections. The Library was involved in the original campaign, cooking up a host of delights and posting images with the hashtag #cookingforcopyright.

An end to the perpetual copyright in manuscripts, as well as a new fair dealing provision for people with disabilities  are some of the reforms passed in the recent bill.  Another major reform is the ability for libraries, archives and other collecting institutions across Australia to make copies of material to ensure preservation of the original. 

Further information about these changes to copyright in Australia can be found here.

To celebrate these changes, we again went about #cookingforcopyright. This time we made Ag's Coconut Biscuits (State Library of Victoria), Muddle Cake (National Library of Australia) and Oyster Patties (SLNSW)!

Cooking for Copyright morning tea