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Creating Welcoming Indigenous Library Spaces

There are many ways that libraries can build welcoming spaces for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This can be through:

•    Developing visual signage recognising local placenames or local language groups
•    Using artwork featuring local community members
•    Developing visible collections relating to Indigenous culture, history and experiences.

On a recent visit to the Wollotuka Institute at the University of Newcastle, the Indigenous Services team visited the Huxley Library. Through signage, artwork and collection development the Library has showcased local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.  Such a great inspiration! 

Thanks to the staff for showing us around and making us feel welcome.

The strategy Indigenous Spaces in Library Places. Building a Vibrant Public Library Network Inclusive of Indigenous Peoples and Communities has been developed by the Library to provide guidance for the public library network to enhance services dedicated to the local Indigenous population. Our goal is to create interest and awareness on the way libraries across the state can engage and support Indigenous peoples and communities. Key objectives of the strategy focus on providing a welcoming and safe cultural space for Indigenous peoples and communities, where they can use and appreciate collections and services of their public library.

Follow the #PublicLibrariesIndigenous to know more. 


some bookshelf full of books and some armchairs

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research collection at the Huxley library - University of Newcastle.

A set of photographs

Photographic display of Aboriginal people from the Hunter Valley produced by ABC Open.