Diary of M.C. Evans, August 1914

Diary of M.C. Evans, August 1914

The Diary of Maurice Evans (written retrospectively March - April 1918) describes how news of war was received in Australia.

“The scene opens at the breakfast table at Cutterabah, Kyogle N.S.W. one morning in late July, where I was but languidly interested to hear that another war had started in the Balkans.

I had never interested myself in international politics & so took another helping of eggs & bacon without a thought to the monstrous possibilities that a war between Austria & Serbia opened up.

A few days later without taking much notice of the papers I left home for the H.H.C. saying farewell to my family, little thinking that it would be over four years before I would see them again.

I took two days on the journey down to Sydney during which many things happened Russia, Germany & France went to war & finally just as I reached the H.H.C. big headlines."

From the collection of the State Library of New South Wales:


This, and other diaries from the State Library’s collection are on display now in the exhibition Life Interrupted: Personal Diaries from World War I.