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Digital collecting for NSW public library staff : resources from the seminar

This blog post contains links to presentations from the recent seminar on Digital collecting for NSW public library staff. State library staff generously shared their digital collecting expertise. People participated in the seminar by coming to the State Library and being seated in the Metcalfe, or by watching online.  Some sessions had over twenty people watching online. The following comment helps to show the value of giving people different ways to participate.

Thank you to everyone at the State Library for putting the day together & for presenting. Not only was it an insight into parts of the library that we don't often hear about but by learning more about the state library's journey towards digitisation & access it helps us much smaller libraries feel that we can also get this done, and learn from previous mistakes to get it as right as we possibly can. 2 key takeaway statements for me were: "digitising something doesn't automatically make it more accessible" (Jenna Bain), & "start small, think big" (Damien Webb). The day gave me a lot to process. Thank you.

Another person commented:

Every time I hear about copyright some small gem lodges itself in my brain, often within a new context, and especially in regards to those digitised images already in the library catalogue.

The listing below reflects the program for the day, with the presentation available next to the speaker/s who gave them.

Jessica Coates presenting on copyright

Jessica Coates presenting on copyright

Many of the presentations have very useful links to other resources, sometimes these will be through the presentations, sometimes at the end.  The links to the videos for the day are at the end of this blog post with a listing of the speakers in each video.

  • Life cycle of digital collecting Scott Wajon, Manager, Digitisation presentation

  • Metadata, Joanna Fleming, Digital Curation Specialist presentation

  • Copyright and creative commons, Jessica Coates, Copyright Law and Policy Adviser, Australian Library Copyright Committee



  • Manuscript, document and negative digitisation,Taryn Ellis, Imaging Officer presentation

  • Sound, film and video recordings/audio visual Damien Cassidy, Digital Media Technical Analyst presentation

Digital collecting

  • Pictures Matthew Burgess, Digital Collections Analyst presentation

  • Oral history Maria Savvidis, Librarian presentation

Damien Webb presenting at Digital collecting

Damien Webb presenting at Digital collecting

  • Social media collecting Brendan Somes, Collection Strategy Specialist on published, shared collecting presentation

  • Sean Volke, Online Resources Specialist Librarian, on local collecting presentation

  • Enhancing the value of the digitised record, including OCR transcriptions, captioning and Amplify Jenna Bain, Digital Projects Leader presentation

  • Digital preservation, Joanna Fleming and Matthew Burgess presentation

  • ATSILRN protocols and digital collecting, Damien Webb, Manager, Indigenous Services presentation


Video for first session in the morning includes talks by Scott Wajon, Joanna Fleming and Jessica Coates

Video for second session in the morning includes talks by Taryn Ellis, Damien Cassidy, Matthew Burgess, and Maria Savvidas

Video for first session in the afternoon includes talks by Brendan Somes, Sean Volke and Jenna Bain

Video for second session in the afternoon includes talks by Joanna Fleming, Matthew Burgess and Damien Webb


Matthew Burgess talked about Australasia Preserves - google group, and suggested that people join this group. There will be follow up training on digital preservation and the use of twarc.  Watch the NSW public library email lists for more information about these. There will be the opportunity to ask further questions about digital collecting at the local studies meeting 8 November 2019 at Albury Library Museum.  Some of the presenters will be online to answer questions which may have arisen since the seminar.