Digital photographs of ethnic minority communities in NSW

 Recently purchased for the Pictures collection are 61 digital images by Sydney based photographer, Louise Whelan who is working on an ongoing project to record ethnic communities in New South Wales.

During 2011 she photographed festivals, ceremonies and people in their homes. This series includes Africans, Armenians, Basques, Chin Burmese, Karen Burmese, Burundians, Congolese, Druze, Filipinos, Gallicians, Hmong, Icelanders, Italians, Liberians, Lithuanians, Malaysians, Montenegrins, Pacific Islanders, Pakistani, Russians, Sabean Mandaeans (Iraq), Sierra Leoneans, Sikhs, Catholic Sudanese, Islamic Sudanese, Serbians, Tamils and Vietnamese.

The above image depicts a Congolese family in Doonside and the image below is of Malaysian medical students celebrating Eid in a student house in Newcastle.

The collection has been given an interim record.


Alan Davies, Curator of Photographs