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ebook maps

ebook maps

The State Library has lots of great ebooks that New South Wales residents with registered cards can borrow and download from home.

Some exciting new titles relating to maps, cartography, and the mapping industry have just been added to the catalogue.

Worldly consumers : the demand for maps in Renaissance Italy by Genevieve Carlton.

In Worldly Consumers, Genevieve Carlton explores the growing availability of maps to private consumers during the Italian Renaissance and shows how map acquisition and display became central tools for constructing personal identity and impressing one’s peers.

Mapping the Ottomans : sovereignty, territory, and identity in the early modern Mediterranean by Palmira Brummett.

In Mapping the Ottomans, Palmira Brummett explores how the Ottomans were mapped in the narrative and visual imagination of early modern Europe’s Christian kingdoms.

Cartophilia : maps and the search for identity in the French-German borderland by Catherine Tatiana Dunlop.

In Cartophilia, Catherine Tatiana Dunlop explores a previously undiscovered archive of popular maps, seeking to uncover a world of citizen mapmakers.

If you find you need some assistance accessing the library’s ebooks, you can always Ask a Librarian.

Happy reading!

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