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Eresource update: Access Australia Newsbank

Are you looking for diverse articles from current Australian newspapers - national, regional and local?

We've got news for you.


Newsbank logo Access Australia Newsbank is a new addition to the State Library’s online newspaper collection.

  • Browse over 500 different titles, including:
  • Full-text search for specific keywords, dates or even locations across Australia.
  • Explore Suggested topics where you can browse for articles on Australian current topics and events.
  • Discover monthly research topics covering key global issues or news events in the Hot Topics section. Not all topics will have articles if it has not been reported in the Australian media.
  • Special reports cover a variety of topics of current interest and provides access to international articles.

Access Australia Newsbank covers the period between 1996 – 2005 missing in other Sydney Morning Herald Library eresources. Only articles are included, however, full copies are available using microfilms in the Library.  


You can access eresources in the Library, either by using a Library computer or with your own device connected to the Library’s free wi-fi.

This eresource is also available outside of the Library, if you are a New South Wales resident and have a current Library card.

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View our full list of online newspaper resources in our eresources page, where you can find a mix of historical and current newspapers.


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