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Eresource update: Historical newspaper archives

 Do you need to find contrasting points-of-view for the events of the twentieth century? 

Try the Telegraph Historical Archive, 1855-2000 and the Daily Mail Historical Archive 1896-2004.  The style and scope of these papers make them a good comparison for researching topics like politics, women’s studies and social history.

Screenshot of The Telegraph Historical Archive

The Telegraph - Recruitment crossword for Bletchley Park

The Telegraph Historical Archive (1855 - 2000) contains over one million pages with:

  • analysis on the business and international relations of the day 
  • commentary on literature and science
  • family notices

In addition to notable contributions from George Augustus Sala and Winston Churchill, the paper was also used as a secret recruitment exercise for Bletchley Park. Try your hand at the crossword published in the Telegraph on January 10, 1942 and see if you would've been recruited as a World War Two Codebreaker!

Screenshot of the Daily Mail banner

Headline of the Daily Mail 1915 about Hill 60 Heroes

The Daily Mail Historical Archive (1896 - 2004) contains over one hundred years of the paper, to search for:

  • popular politics
  • crime reporting
  • family notices

The archive also includes the rare Atlantic editions published on board some Cunard Liners from 1921 to 1933.

The Daily Mail published many articles on the glory and heroism of the British soldiers in the First World War, like this article about Hill 60 published on April 27, 1915.



If you need to search across more titles, both newspapers are also part of the Gale NewsVault.   

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