Every eccentricity of belief, and every variety of bias in...

Every eccentricity of belief, and every variety of bias in mankind allies itself with a printing machine, and gets its singularities bruited about in type, but where is the printing-ink champion of mankind’s better half? There has hitherto been no trumpet through which the concentrated voice of womankind could publish their grievances and their opinions … Here then is Dawn, the Australian Woman’s Journal and mouthpiece.

Dora Falconer (Louisa Lawson) The Dawn 15th May 1888.

On this day, in 1888, Louisa Lawson started publishing The Dawn in Sydney. The Dawn was a monthly journal for women that combined household hints, stories and fashion with political comment on topics such as female suffrage. It was an immediate success and continued to be printed for seventeen years.

Louisa Lawson is also known as the mother of the poet, Henry Lawson

The State Library of New South Wales holds copies of the Dawn from 1888 to 1905 as well as photographs and manuscripts relating to Louisa Lawson.