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Find these historical journals online

digitised journals

A number of fantastic journal and newspaper titles have been  digitised and made fully searchable online through Trove as part of the State Library's Digital Excellence  Program, a major initiative supported by the NSW Government. 

A selection of the recently-added titles include:

Decoration and Glass, a journal for home builders, architects and decorators (1935-1949). First issued in May 1935 by Australian Glass Manufactures Co. Ltd., this monthly publication was sold in bookstalls throughout New South Wales for sixpence a copy. The magazine is a rich resource for articles featuring both building and interior designs and is full of advertisements for building products and services. Decoration and Glass was identified by State Library Staff as being a popular resource that was not available on microfilm, and was therefore nominated for our digitisation program.  

The Daily Telegraph (1879-1923). The four-page Daily Telegraph (aka 'The Tele' or 'The Terror') was first launched in Sydney on 1 July 1879 and was priced at a penny. Intended as a rival to the Sydney Morning Herald, the paper ran as a broadsheet until 1927, when it switched to its more familiar tabloid format. Today, it’s the largest selling daily newspaper in New South Wales.  

The Australian Women's Mirror (1924-1961)The magazine was launched in November 1924 as an offshoot of the Bulletin, which, according to the Mirror’s first editorial, had been knocking back a ‘large amount of purely feminine writing’. The new weekly magazine would supply women in the city and the bush with conversation material: about theatre, film, music, sport ‘and a little about books and the people who write them’. 

The Home (1920-42). The Home: the Australian Journal of Quality was the first locally produced women’s magazine to emulate imported society magazines of the stylish North American Conde Nast publishing stable. Launched in 1920 by Sydney Ure Smith (1887-1949), this prestigious and trend-setting quarterly publication produced nearly 230 issues during its 23-year print run. 

Building Magazine  (1907-1942). The Building Publishing Company was established in Sydney by architect-engineer- craftsman and pioneer aviator George Augustine Taylor (1872-1928) and Florence Mary Taylor CBE OBE (1879-1969), Australia's first qualified woman architect, structural engineer and civil engineer, shortly after their marriage on 3 April 1907. The Taylors quickly developed a successful stable of industry publications, largely written by the enterprising couple, and spearheaded by Building Magazine (1907-1972). 

The Lone Hand (1907-1921)The Lond Hand was a sister publication to the famous Bulletin (1880-2008), modelled on the London Strand and founded by J.F. Archibald and Frank Fox, The Lone Hand was given the title originally preferred for the Bulletin itself. It was a monthly magazine of literature and poetry, with illustrations by significant Australian artists of the time. 

We are currently digitising Everyone's: The Motion Picture Authority (1920-1937) and New South Wales Post Office Directory (aka Wise's Directory) (1886-1950) and will be making these available through Trove over the coming year. 

The State Library has chosen  Trove as the delivery vehicle for serials digitised through the Library's Digital Excellence Program. One of the many reasons is the widespread popularity of the Trove service and the ability to search, zoom, share, download and easily cite resources through the online interface. For more information on using these excellent resources online you can refer to the Trove help pages.