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First European Settlement in Tasmania, Bowen's Map

An old hand drawn map showing a river and mountains

Sketch of the settlement round Hobart and the Derwent in Van Diemen's Land [cartographic material] / John Bowen.

On 12 September 1803  Lieutenant John Bowen arrived at Risdon Cove in Tasmania to establish the first European settlement there. He had been instructed by Governor Philip Gidley King to name the site Hobart and his sketch titled "Sketch of the Settlement Round Hobart and the Derwent" is in fact of the Risdon Cove settlement.

By 1804 the site had been deemed unhealthy it was moved to Sullivan’s Cove, across the Derwent from present day centre of Hobart. In this sketch map we can see key features noted by Bowen including the prisoner quarters, settlement gardens and the marsh lands.

Sketch of the settlement round Hobart and the Derwent in Van Diemen's Land, John Bowen, about 1803, State Library of New South Wales, FL3716242

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