Gaston-Louis Vuitton's world tour

The State Library has recently acquired a copy of World Tour : Vintage Hotel Labels From The Collection Of Gaston-Louis Vuitton by Francisca Mattéoli.

World Tour Cover

Gaston-Louis Vuitton (1883-1970) was the grandson of Louis Vuitton, founder of the eponymous luggage brand. Mattéoli, a Paris-based travel writer, has documented Gaston-Louis’ collection of luggage labels used by hotels from around the world. Luggage labels were used as advertising by hotels and applied to the baggage of guests by hotel staff. Gaston-Louis, a collector and keen bibliophile, was a member of the Vieux Papier society whose members collect a range of printed and manuscript ephemera. In his lifetime he collected over 3,000 hotel luggage labels, the earliest dating from 1890. 

Mattéoli presents 900 labels from Gaston-Louis’ collection in this book, arranged by geographic region. The labels offer a fascinating glimpse into the nature of hotels, travelling and tourism in the early 20th Century. They show the vast array of designs which were used by hotels to market themselves and are a reflection of the graphic designs used during the period.

This book’s international perspective is a complement to the Library’s collection of Australian travel ephemera. It is located in the State Reference Library at G 2013 2738.   

Simon Cootes
Collection Development Librarian