The Geographical Names Board of New South Wales has digitised...

The Geographical Names Board of New South Wales has digitised the Alphabetical List of Place Names NSW compiled and handwritten by a Lands Officer, the late Ernest C. Gleeson in 1954. Gleeson’s, as it is sometimes called, lists all the place names in the NSW Eastern and Central Division Parish Maps at that time. This publication is useful for family historians and local historians alike because it contains an estimated 22,500 name entries and some of these places no longer exist.

You can also use the Place Name Search on the Geographical Names Board’s website to look up current placenames.

Once you have the name of a parish and county you can look up historical parish maps for free on the NSW Land and Property Information’s Historical Land Records Viewer (HLRV)

The State Library of NSW also has NSW parish and county maps on aperture cards. Search the catalogue using the name of the suburb and the term parish maps.