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Have you interviewed your parents or grandparents about their family...

Have you interviewed your parents or grandparents about their family history?

Familysearch has a useful wiki about creating oral histories including tips about who to interview and what to do before during and after the interview and links to other useful websites. Oral history gives a voice to those people who wouldn’t usually leave a written record.

Oral history Australia and Oral history NSW also have information and links to seminars and workshops.

The State Library of NSW has started digitising thousands of hours of oral histories that are on analogue and reel to reel tapes as part of our Digital Excellence Program.

Check out our new Oral History and Sound Collections guide for tips for accessing the oral histories and to hear some of the Oral histories that are available online.   

The National Library of Australia also has a large oral history collection and you can listen to some of these online on their Oral History and Folklore website.

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