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I have the same idea with all my books: an...

I have the same idea with all my books: an attempt to come close to the core of reality, the structure of reality, as opposed to the merely superficial. The realistic novel is remote from art. A novel should heighten life, should give one an illuminating experience; it shouldn’t set out what you know already. I just muddle away at it. One gets flashes here and there, which help. I am not a philosopher or an intellectual. Practically anything I have done of any worth I feel I have done through my intuition, not my mind - which the intellectuals disapprove of. And that is why I am anathema to certain kinds of Australian intellectual.

Patrick White, In the Making 1970

On this day, 28 May 1912, Australian author, Patrick White was born.

The State Library of New South Wales holds a large collection of manuscripts, letters, photographs and items relating to Patrick White.

Read more about his life and work in the Exhibition Guide and Research Guide from a special exhibition held at the State Library of New South Wales in 2012.