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Indigenous Services

The Indigenous Services team is very proud of all the achievements accomplished over the past year.

2016 has been an incredible time, where we made exciting new connections with Indigenous communities across the State, worked on thrilling new projects, launched new strategies to develop collections and services for Indigenous people, and established numerous collaborations with national and international institutions and researchers. 

Thanks to all the great people we have met along the way that made all this possible. Looking forward to continuing working on new important projects with more and more Indigenous communities across NSW. 

For more information on the work of our team visit the Indigenous Services page and our Tumblr

Indigenous Services at the Library
reporting 2016

Indigenous Services at the Library Reporting 2016



Virginia Gordon

Your event was a perfect event. We were intrigued, fascinated and quite moved by what objects and papers you chose to share with us. Both presenters brought such joy to be sharing these treasures and such passion - both were fantastic tellers of stories and sharers of our shared history.

I commend you for all the work you do to keep these stories alive and to give us as Sydneysiders our city - and our history back to us. I could honestly visit the library every week to enjoy such special insights.

The more we know the stronger and healthier our community becomes. In the year where the final push for recognition is on the agenda, the more of these events key cultural institutions can do in the first part of the year, the more people will learn our shared journeys.

Thank you for the privilege of Bayala: Out Of The Vault.

Fascinating beyond expectations!

Virginia and Jenny Gordon