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K-12 Learning Program 2018

Our 2018 learning program is now available!

Learning services

2018 is going to be a big year at the Library as we expand our exhibition spaces and open the John B Fairfax Learning Centre and Family Space. We are excited about the opportunities this redevelopment offers students and teachers as we design new learning programs and experiences for our onsite visitors.

The seamstresses in our team have spent hours at the sewing machine, creating gorgeous new costumes and we have been scouring the shelves to find just the right hands on objects to bring a learning experience to life.

  costumes hanging on a rack

Our expanded exhibition spaces will make it possible to showcase more of our 6 million plus collection and you can look forward to:

  • Seeing collections relating to the protest movement in Australia such as anti Vietnam war , environmental protests and the womens movement
  • Exploring our rich, diverse and surprising art collection
  • Immersing yourselves in the powerful stories of elders from Sydney’s Aboriginal communities
  • Discovering what lies under the Library and other well-known Sydney locations in an immersive digital experience

We’re expanding our suite of onsite programs and can’t wait to share with you, details of:

  • Significant Australians - a program for Stage 2 and 3 students where students can become expert researchers and uncover the life and times of important historical figures such as Quong Tart, Arthur Phillip, Billy Blue and others.
  • Picnicking on Clark Island - a cross curricula program where students will have the opportunity to ‘step into’ an 1870 painting and respond in writing, drama and art making.
picnic scene 1870


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If you have any questions about our 2018 program you can contact us on 92731778 or