Kids' Audio Guide

Our new Kids' Audio Guide is now available!  A young girl and a young boy listening to a tablet with earphones.

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of working with students from Summer Hill Public School to create an audio guide for our Paintings From The Collection exhibition. This guide was designed 'with kids, for kids' and we could not be more pleased with the result.

With the support of Principal Natalie Armstrong and two amazing teacher librarians Carmel Grimmett and Lyndal Whiley, the students worked on this project over a number of weeks. They made a huge commitment to be part of this project –  they even missed out on Friday sport!

The students first visited the Library to see the many paintings on display in our galleries and chose the one artwork they found most interesting. They researched their chosen work and its maker over a number of weeks before recording their responses.

We were very surprised by their selections and so impressed with the depth and thoughtfulness of their responses.  We are certain that visitors to the Paintings Gallery, both adults and children, will enjoy seeing the artworks through the eyes of a child.

This project was the initiative of Pauline Fitzgerald, Senior Education Officer in the Learning team at the Library and was supported by staff across the Library. It highlights the Library’s commitment to providing a rich and varied program for children and young people.

Listen here