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Launch of the Library's first Indigenous Collecting Strategy

The first Indigenous Collecting Strategy of the Library was successfully launched to the public on 6 July 2016.

The Library’s extensive collections include a vast array of material relating to the Indigenous peoples of NSW. The collections include original and published material, created mostly by non-Indigenous people, dating from the earliest days of European contact to the present.

To supplement its Indigenous collections, the Library wants to document Indigenous voices which have contributed, and continue to contribute, to the life of NSW and its communities.

The Library will collect a range of content that document, articulate and animate Indigenous life, past and present, in NSW. This content can be published and unpublished, from Indigenous and non-Indigenous organisations, individuals and communities. A particular focus will be on seeking community generated contents.

Learn more about the Indigenous Collecting Strategy.

Here are the fantastic speakers that contributed to make the launch an incredible event:

a woman speaking

A man speaking in front of a microphone 2 women talking

A man speaking in front of a microphone 3 people speaking on a stage

3 people speaking on a stage

2 people sit down





3 people smiling at the camera

















(from right to left)

Kirsten Thorpe (Indigenous Services team) and Nancia Guivarra (Library's Indigenous Advisory Board) 

Luke Pearson (Indigenous X founder)

Artist Bronwyn Bancroft

 Shane Johnson, Tiffany McComsey and Uncle Steven Maher (Kinchela Boys Corporation)

Jodie Bell, Aunty Kay Bussell and photographer Jagath Dheerasekara (‘Family Keeps Us Going: Portraits and Stories of Families of Aboriginal Nations Living in South-West Sydney’)

Michael Ingrey (Library's Indigenous Advisory Board)

Alex Byrne (State Librarian and Chief  Executive), Hon Lesley Williams (Minister, Aborigjnal Affairs) and Kirsten Thorpe (Manager, Indigenous Services)

Michael Ingrey and Dr. Christine Evans (Library's Indigenous Advisory Board)