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Maps at the State Library are everywhere

Maps at the State Library are everywhere

Looking for a map? The State Library holds 250,000 of them in lots of different formats. Some of them are online and some you will need to visit the library to view.

Here are a few examples of the types we hold:

Individual maps: whether these are printed or hand drawn you can find them in our main catalogue. Just do a keyword search using the name of the place you want and the word ‘cartographic’. Here’s an example: St John in the Hundred of Parramatta, County of Cumberland

Maps in series: these may be anything from topographic maps to geological maps, army maps to maps tracking rainfall. Some of our especially fabulous ones are fully digitised such as the Fire and Accident Underwriters Association of NSW Detail survey maps: Block plan of Sydney 1919-1940 Click on the key to find the block plan number that will tell you what building materials were used in all the buildings in any given city block!

Atlases: We have lots of different types of atlases. Standard atlases from as early as the 16th century, and subject atlases on a vast array of topics such as: Macquarie atlas of Indigenous Australia : culture and society through space and time

Maps in books: if you want to know if one of our books has maps in it, have a look at the 'Description’ field in the book’s catalogue record. For example: The burning mists of time : a technological and social history of mining in Katoomba

Globes: We hold some especially interesting ones such as: Cary’s pocket globe. They must have had big pockets in 1791!

We also hold 3D maps, online maps, nautical charts, parish and county maps, subdivision plans, orienteering maps, river charts, surveyors plans and many many more

Explore our catalogue today.