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Nura Gili students visit at the State Library

 A woman showing original material to people

Rachel Franks and members of the Indigenous Services team showing Indigenous original collections to the students.

Students from Nura Gili -Indigenous Programs Unit (University of New South Wales), visited the State Library to engage with some of the Library's original material that document and illustrate different aspects of Indigenous  Australian history. The students were asked by their lecturer to base their next assignment on the material displayed during their visit. To help the students interpret and understand the material, staff members from the Indigenous Services and the Education and Scholarship teams discussed with the students the history, the stories and the context surrounding  the collections. 

The material displayed and discussed focused on three particular topics of Indigenous history:

Arts and Culture

Rachel Franks from Education and Scholarship explored a series of different illustrations, paintings, and objects that depict Indigenous culture and history from a European perspective. Rachel also gave an overview on how to interpret this material in the contemporary world.

Aboriginal Missions

Nathan Sentance from Indigenous Services discussed and displayed some of the photographs and documents relating to some Aboriginal Missions. He talked about how the resources can be used by people to research their family history as well as research the history of Indigenous Australians at the time. 


Melissa Jackson from Indigenous Services displayed some original items from the Indigenous languages material held in the Library collections.  Melissa also discussed the library's Rediscovering Indigenous Languages Project showing examples on how original material can help Indigenous communities and community organisations to revitalise and strengthen their languages.

Both the Indigenous Services and Education and Scholarship team  would like to thank the students and lecturers from Nura Gili, University of New South Wales for their visit.


If you are interested in participating in a similar visit or program, please Contact the Indigenous Services.