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Plan of the cultivated land in the north west of...

Plan of the cultivated land in the north west of the island (i.e. Norfolk Island) by W. T. Mountney

This map shows cultivation areas on Norfolk Island growing arrow root, potatoes, sweet potatoes, maize, oats, peas, rye, tares; foul weedy ground, pastures, vegetation, Orange Vale Garden, Pettitt’s Farm, Ledwich’s Flat, Major’s Gully, Three Sisters,Pea Ground and Orange Vale Road.

The map was drawn up in October 1846. It is one of several maps created of the island at this time by Mountney and was probably commissioned by John Price, the Commandant of Norfolk Island from 1846-1852, whose brutal management of island’s convicts holds a singularly legendary place in Australian history.

Click on the map to go into the State Library of New South Wales’ catalogue entry for this map. Click on the link to the map then zoom in to see this beautiful map in incredible detail. You can also browse the catalogue for other Mountney maps. Hint: keywords are: Mountney and Norfolk Island and cartographic