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Plunkett Street Photography Exhibition

There was a definite buzz of anticipation in the Plunkett Street Public School crowd as they made their way into the Library to see their wonderful photographs on display.

These ‘hero’ images, each chosen by the photographer, captured glimpses of their local experiences at school and scenes in the Botanical Gardens, and were the result of three workshop sessions on photography held earlier in the year.

The photographs clearly reflected the development of their observation skills and gave them an opportunity to put their recently acquired knowledge into action.

The students work was greatly admired not only the Plunkett Street school community, but by many of the State Library staff who attended this engaging show.

Two women looking at photographs

The younger PSPS students at the exhibition had not seen any of the images prior to the visit, and a Year 1 student who was excitedly pointing at Frankie’s photo of a building in Wooloomooloo exclaimed ‘That’s my house!’

She was so thrilled to see it and proceeded to draw the building and point out exactly where her window was situated.


Plunkett Street Exhibition

A young girl drawing
Caption on bottom
Two kids sitting and drawing
Caption on bottom
A young boy standing in front of a photograph of a koala
Caption on bottom
Two kids and a woman observing a photograph
Caption on bottom

The students embraced the opportunity to communicate with the visiting adults and they talked about their artworks with confidence and enthusiasm.  

Who knows what direction these talented youngsters may take their creativity in future! It has been a pleasure to see them develop their ideas in a variety of visual forms and share them with the wider community.

This is the second exhibition of student created artworks showcased at the State Library and we are delighted to offer our local school ongoing opportunities to engage with the collections and staff at the Library.


Stay tuned for our next project…