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Recent changes to copyright in Australia, a presentation by Jessica Coates for public libraries

On 11 December 2017 Jessica Coates provided an update on the latest in Australian copyright that affects the public libraries, including the Copyright Amendment (Disability Access and Other Measures) Act. This talk was provided by videoconference to NSW public library staff.  Jessica Coates is a copyright and communications policy expert with 15 years of experience working in Australia and overseas. She is the executive officer of the Australian Digital Alliance and has been the Global Network Manager of Creative Commons.

While 76 people booked for this online talk, there were 35 logins for the session from participants all over NSW. Prior to the session information was provided about how to check connections for Blue Jeans, and that questions would be asked by chat, not voice, to make it simpler for managing the session.  For 42% of the participants this was their first time using Blue Jeans. 52% of the participants watched the session by themselves, while the rest watched with between one and five other people. 

Participant feedback has been positive. Some of the comments about participating via Blue Jeans included:

  • I think this method of delivering professional development opportunities is valuable and should increase participation by library staff who are unable to attend a central venue in person.
  • This is the first SLNSW Blue jeans session I have participated in and will do so again when the content is relevant. Thanks a lot, it was great.
  • …worked well. liked being reminded about turning off video and being able to use chat only for questions. better than waving and trying to capture someone's attention to ask a question!
  • I think blue jeans is a great way share and discuss ideas

Comments about the content of the session included:

  • Loved that the presenter was both knowledgeable and passionate with personality
  • For people with a disability we can provide an appropriate format for access as long as not taking sales without worrying about copyright Can copy straight away for preservation purposes
  • We have much more scope to copy works for people with disabilities, this make access more equitable we don't need to update our copyright forms
  • I will be sending the slides and presentation video to our staff for information. I have sent it already to one staff member who is studying for a library qualification and Copyright is the module she is doing now.
  • This session will help with deciding which materials can be copied and digitised.
  • I will be reporting back on the key changes in copyright legislation. Particularly the rules re preservation (for local studies) and the new rules re unpublished works (potential to utilise material in archives).

Showing screenshot of copyright presentation

Jessica Coates presenting videoconference to NSW public libraries

Since the session more people have watched the video which you can watch here.