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Sargents Bakery Illuminated Addresses

George Sargent Illuminated Addresses, 29 March to 4 April 1911

George Sargent Illuminated Addresses, 29 March to 4 April 1911, MLMSS 4313/Folder 1X

What is this item? 

These two illuminated addresses were gifts to George and Charlotte Sargent from their staff in appreciation of the care and consideration they had received as employees. In the 1880s the Sargents had set up a small pastry and catering shop which by 1916 had grown into a thriving business employing over 60 staff. The hand-coloured images on the addresses include views of Sargents shops, factories and their country home 'Garthowan', in Castle Hill Sydney.

Illuminated addresses were usually presented to people when leaving a high ranking position or as a mark of respect for services rendered or major achievements. 

Why is it important?

Sargents bakery was established in Glebe in the early 1880s. By the 1890s the bakery was producing an extremely popular range of ‘penny’ pies from their shop located in Paddington. In 1906 the business was renamed Sargents Ltd. and by 1915 controlled 36 refreshment rooms, a manufacturing depot, and a catering section which included ballrooms for hire. Remarkably this nineteenth-century company still produces Sargents pies which are sold in shops across Australia. These two addresses were created in 1911 as gifts for Mr and Mrs Sargent by their staff on the eve of their departure for a tour of Europe. 

Made by Turner and Henderson, Illuminators, Sydney, these two addresses highlight the elaborate calligraphy and beautiful hand-colouring found on the best examples of these kinds of works.

Why is it on your desk? 

As a result of an enquiry by a descendant about the provenance of the addresses.

How did it get here?

It was donated to the Library sometime before 1992.  MLMSS 4313/Folder 1X  

Geoff Barker, Senior Curator, State Library of New South Wales.