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Scholarly Musings - Old Photos Brought to Life: Methodist Overseas...

Scholarly Musings - Old Photos Brought to Life: Methodist Overseas Mission in Arnhem Land


Join us for a conversation with Louise Hamby and Lindy Allen

Date:Tuesday 1 September 2015
Time:11.00 am
Venue: Metcalfe Auditorium, Ground Floor, Macquarie Wing

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The Library holds the Methodist Church of Australasia, Department of Overseas Missions Pictorial Collection, an archive of images taken at missions overseas and in Australia between 1885 and 1938. Among the hundreds of black and white prints, one folder contains around 90 photographs taken at Milingimbi and Goulburn Island in Arnhem Land. This presentation will reveal how a cultural record, devoid of context, can be enhanced with a range of tools, particularly drawing on the memories and knowledge of the oldest living people at Milingimbi.
Dr Louise Hamby is the Chief Investigator and Ms Lindy Allen is the Partner Investigator for ‘The legacy of 50 years collecting at Milingimbi Mission’.

This event is part of the Scholarly Musings series.