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Shipping containers and jigsaw puzzles

The State Library worked with fjmt architects on a project to assist NSW councils and libraries in the planning and design of small library buildings. The project has two areas of focus: templates for small library design and 'shipping container' style libraries. planning and layout diagrams for library building modules

Library templates

The templates and modules can be put together to plan a usable library space. This is similar to a jigsaw puzzle, resulting in a library of size and layout to suit a particular community. These templates are on the Modular libraries project page.

Shipping container libraries

The project report includes plans for 'shipping container' style libraries. These would be prefabricated structures and/or flatpack components to be transported to the proposed location and put together. A 'shipping container' library could be temporarily located in a community to test the need for a permanent library or as longer term option than a traditional mobile library visit such as to tie in with a local festival. The NSW Public Libraries Small Library project report is on the Small library project page.