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Special guests in the Library


Last week we welcomed some very special guests to the Library to help us celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day. His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret'd), Governor of New South Wales and Mrs Hurley joined Year Two students from Alexandria Park Community School for a wonderful morning of stories, craft, singing and getting to know each other.

adult man and woman reading a story to a group of children


The students had many questions for the Governor and Mrs Hurley and were particularly interested to know all about Government House. Is it a house or a mansion or is it a castle? You can decide for yourself


The students confidently described the role of the Governor as ‘telling Australia how to build stuff, making signs and new laws and signing lots of papers!’ They were terribly impressed to learn that he has his own sword, though not to be outdone one small boy quipped ‘Oh I have one too!’


The Governor read ‘How the birds got their colours’ and we all made colourful birds before Mrs Hurley read ‘Possum Magic’ to a very appreciative audience and led us in song. We then enjoyed morning tea together in the Glasshouse before everyone departed.


The students had been briefed on appropriate etiquette when meeting the Governor and Mrs Hurley and almost got it right when one student carefully explained ‘You’re Mrs Hurley and you’re my excellence’.

The Governor promised to send the school a jar of honey from the hives at Government House so students will all be enjoying a honey sandwich in the coming weeks.