#Storytimepledge by NSW State Librarian Dr John Vallance

We spotted our State Librarian Dr John Vallance browsing our bookshelves and he gave his Storytime Pledge:

“I just came across the 'The Night Gardener', by Terry and Eric Fan, in the new books section of our Library and loved it; a story about the way art can change how we see things and each other for the better. I look forward to trying this out on some young listeners over the holidays. Then I came across Tom Phillips’ 'A Humument' which is an old favourite of mine. Tom Phillips is an artist who broke one of the most sacred rules of all. He painted and drew all over a book he came across called 'A Human Monument' to give it a new title, new meanings and a fresh life. It’s quite wonderful.”

Dr John Vallance with children's books

Dr John Vallance #storytimepledge

The State Library, alongside Australian Library Information Association, is supporting the Australia's  Chief  Scientist's  #StorytimePledge, asking people to read to a child this holiday season.

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