Talk: The 1965 Freedom Ride with Ann Curthoys and John...

Talk: The 1965 Freedom Ride with Ann Curthoys and John Maynard

The 1965 Freedom Ride marked a pivotal point in race relations in Australia, bringing public attention to injustice, segregation and conditions on many Aboriginal reserves in NSW. The ride marked a culmination of struggle by many Aboriginal groups and their campaigns for equality and justice, all leading to the historic 1967 referendum for inclusive Aboriginal citizenship.

Join freedom rider and historian Ann Curthoys and Indigenous historian John Maynard for their personal reflections on marginalisation, social change and the impact of the historic Freedom Ride.

Date: Saturday 10 October 2015
Time: 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm
Venue: Metcalfe Auditorium, Ground Floor, Macquarie Wing
Cost: Free, Bookings required

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In association with the Freedom Ride ‘65 exhibition.